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. . . . . . Murphy’s Law Reward Card FAQ’S | Rhode Island Diner Cards
Murphy’s Law Reward Card FAQ’S

How does it work?
When a loyalty card member cashes out with an associate, they hand them their loyalty card. The card is swiped and the total dollar amount is added in points to the balance. For example, a $25 dollar purchase would equal 25 points. The balance is printed on the receipt. Once the total points hit the goal, a cash reward is added to the card, and the balance is returned to zero.

How do I join?
Simply pick up a membership registration card from an associate to fill out.

Is there a cost to sign up?
No. Membership is absolutely free.

What if I don’t have my card with me at the time of purchase?
To earn points or redeem rewards, the actual card must be presented.

What if my card is lost or stolen?
Simply visit us & we will cancel the lost or stolen card & transfer your earned points and any active dollar amounts to a replacement card.

How will I know when I’ve reached (earned) a reward?
Your balance will always be printed on your receipt after final purchase. If you have accumulated enough points to receive a reward, you will be notified on the receipt that the reward has been added to your card and your balance has returned to zero.

When can I spend my rewards?
Rewards are available for use on your next visit.

How can I check my point balance?
Your point balance is always printed at the bottom of your receipt after each purchase. You may check your point balance online at and/or present your card & your server will give you a printout of your point balance.

Do I get points for purchasing gift cards?
While you don’t get points for buying a gift card, you do get points when paying with a gift card.

Does my card ever expire?

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